For the last ten years, Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. worked as a sub-contractor for Olympics Metals Ltd. Their experience and the quality of their work are remarkable. They won’t only install reinforcing; they’ll supply you with solutions to your problems.

Their experience is such that they will even anticipate problem and suggest solution before they happen. Acadia Rebar LTD. is a valuable asset to any contractor and I strongly recommend hiring them for your projects.

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We are passionate about the construction industry, with dedicated employees, committed to providing our customers, services and solution exceeding their expectations.

Meeting customer is our first and foremost objective. Our employees are here to help and serve...

Please call us personally, or better; meet us. No matter the project size, we will work together to be mutually successful.

Let us show you how we can help your project succeed.

We do not pursue those goals alone, our suppliers and their representative are invaluable aides in products, technical service, price and availability.

We wish to use this opportunity to thank them for their commitment. At the same time, Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. would like to thank our customers for the valuable support you provide.

Lionel Benoit, President

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