Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. has placed reinforcing steel on numerous projects throughtout New Brunswick for Atlantic Underground Services Ltd.

Lionel Benoit and his employees have provided excellent service and we find there workmanship to be of the highest quality.

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Bird Construction

From all of us at Bird, we would like to express our thanks for all the hard work both C&T and Acadia have done so far out at the Narrows Lake site. We would also like to thank you for safely completing the first two tank bases. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys so far and we look forward working with you in 2014.

Air Liquide

I wish to advise you that the team lead by Martial Lanteigue at my CNRL project perform very well in the field and their workmanship is superb. The accuracy of their work has not only been recognized by Air Liquide, but that of CNRL also.

The site is right in direct view of the main plant access road and therefore, the entire plant can see their accurate and almost beautiful work.

I wish to recognize their efforts and state its pleasurable working with them.

Olympic Metals Ltd.

For the last ten years, Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. worked as a sub-contractor for Olympics Metals Ltd. Their experience and the quality of their work are remarkable. They won’t only install reinforcing; they’ll supply you with solutions to your problems.

Their experience is such that they will even anticipate problem and suggest solution before they happen. Acadia Rebar LTD. is a valuable asset to any contractor and I strongly recommend hiring them for your projects.

Lancor Concrete Contractors Ltd.

As a major formwork sub contractor in New Brunswick, we have been working alongside Lionel Benoit (Acadia Rebar 96 Inc.) on the same construction projects since the late 1990's.

The projects varied in size and complexity and included multiple highway stuctures and major industrial projects.

A few examples include:
  • Devon Lumber Mill Expansion, Fredericton (1998)
  • Moncton to Fredericton Highway (1999-2000) MRDC
  • UPM Winder No 4, Miramichi (2003-2004)
  • Fredericton to Edmundston Highway (2006-2007) Brunway
Lionel brings along a wealth experience and energy and is an asset to any construction project.

Caldwell & Ross Ltd.

Lionel Benoit, President of Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. has place reinforcing steel on several bridge stuctures for our company.

Lionel is very experienced and managed his crews effectively to complete quality work on our projects. His work included organization of crews, sorting, layout, installation and tying or Reinforcing Steel.

Atlantic Underground Services Ltd.

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. has placed reinforcing steel on numerous projects throughtout New Brunswick for Atlantic Underground Services Ltd.

Lionel Benoit and his employees have provided excellent service and we find there workmanship to be of the highest quality.

Brun-Way Construction Inc.

As a sub-contractor at the big Presque Isle Stream bridges, Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. continually displayed strong competence in their trade installing all rebars in these 4 span bridges approximately 114M in length.

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. was adaptive to changing job circumstances and always displayed the kind of work ethic and cooperation invaluable on a project of this magnitude.

C&T Reinforcing Steel

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. is currently performing very satisfactory on three large projects and two small projects in the Edmonton, AB area.

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. handles their reinforcing installation in a professional manner.

They have the ability to get their work done on schedule and to handle any problems they come across in a quick and efficient way.

Current General Contractors on the projects are pleased to have them on site.

Kiewit Power Partners

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Acadia Rebar for the outstanding performance exhibited on the North Battleford Energy Center Project for Kiewit Power Partners. First and foremost Kiewit's number one objective on the jobsite is to send every one of our employees home safe. Acadia Rebar worked the entire project without getting anyone hurt. This is a credit to you and your team. The second most important attribute that Kiewit looks for is a subcontractor that performs quality work that is done right the first time. Again, Acadia Rebar exceeded our expectations in regards to performing work right the first time. Lastly Kiewit looks for a subcontractor who makes their committed schedule dates. Acadia Rebar did an excellent job of keeping up with our aggressive concrete schedule on the project and there was not a time that we were being held up in being able to make a pour because our rebar was not complete.

I would subcontract work to Acadia Rebar again in a heartbeat and look forward to being able to work with Acadia Rebar again on future projects.

Steve Purto - Project Manager

North Battleford Energy Centre

Acadia Rebar has done an outstanding job for Kiewit on the N.B.E.C. Acadia had no recordables or first aids, they were team players from start to finish and was a big part in keeping the job on schedule. I highly recommend Acadia Rebar for any of your rebar needs, Kiewit was not disappointed in their performance at all. This is a top notch placing company.


Scott Henry
Structures General Superintendent

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